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Hi, I'm Ellen Timm, your hostess and owner of 12 Moons.net operated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I want to make it easy for you to buy magickal supplies for your spiritual expression. I feel that life is all about expressing yourself in a manner that makes you feel good, happy, and fulfilled. Life is a magickal journey so come with me and explore all the options available to you. 12moons.net has over 6,000 items! I know you'll have fun shopping!

At 12 moons.net, we keep our prices low, so you can splurge often! You'll want to register to get future specials and discounts! Check back monthly for new treasures that you can't live without and connect with us on all your favorite social sites.

What sparked your interest in metaphysics and New Age ideas? Thank you for being my guest. I would love your feedback.

Email me at 12moons@12moons.net.

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